Resurrection of Christ (Easter)

The Resurrection of Christ is the main holiday in the Orthodox Christian calendar. It is called “the holiday of holidays”. People prepare themselves in a special way for it. For this helps the Great Lent, which raises the soul to God. During the Passion Week we pass with Christ His last days. During the divine service we are witnesses to His crucifiction and we symbolically bury Him so that we can greet each other on Sunday with “Christ is risen!” This greeting is used until the 40th day after Pascha.

In the Bulgarian tradition Easter is one of the most colourful and joyful holidays. Then people colour the Easter eggs. The tradition ordains that in the early morning of Holy Thursday or on Holy Saturday the landlady should paint the Paschal eggs. The first one is always red. A cross is made with it on the children’s forehead for health. People knock eggs and the owner of the strongest one is going to have health and luck throughout the whole year.  w