Pilgrimage tour “The Holy Places of the Cross-Border Region”

Pleven – Svishtov – Craiova – Turno Severin – Arginest and Filias – Orsova – Dubova – Vidin – Montana – Pleven
Length of the pilgrimage route: 961 km
Trip duration: 6 days
Appropriate season: Year-round

This pilgrimage tour lasts for 5 days and includes visits to monasteries and churches located in and around the settlements Pleven – Svishtov – Craiova – Turno Severin – Arginest and Filias – Orsova – Dubova – Vidin – Montana – Pleven. Some of the suggested monasteries offer accommodation and where this is not possible the pilgrims may prefer to chose a hotel or other type of accommodation.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 1
Day 1 – Pleven - Svishtov

Visit to the Metropolitan Church of St. Nicholas, Church of St. Paraskevi and the Church of Holy Trinity, Pleven

Visit to the Chapel Mausoleum of Saint George the Conqueror, Pleven

Lunch in Pleven

Departure to Svishtov

Visit to the Church of Holy Trinity

Visit to the Monastery of the Intercession of the Theotokos

Dinner in Svishtov

Day 2
Day 2 – Svishtov - Craiova

Visit to the Ancient Roman town Novae and early Christian basilicas next to Svishtov

Lunch in Svishtov

Departure to Craiova

Dinner and overnight accommodation in Craiova

Day 3
Day 3 – Craiova – Turnu Severin – Strehaia

Visit to the Madona Dudu Church, St. Demetrius Cathedral, Mântuleasa Church and the Church of the Holy Trinity, Craiova

Lunch in Craiova

Departure to Drobeta Turnu Severin and accommodation

Visit to the Gura Motrului Monastery and Strehaia Monastery, Strehaia

Dinner and overnight accommodation in Turnu Severin

Day 4
Day 4 Orșova – Dubova - Eșelnița

Visit to the Vodița Monastery and Iron Gate in Orșova

Visit to the Monastery of St. Ana, Orșova

Visit to the Mraconia Monastery, Dubova

Lunch in Dubova around the Danube river

Overnight accommodation in Drobeta Turnu Severin

Day 5
Day 5 – Vidin – Montana

Departure to Vidin

Visit to the Church of St. Pantaleon and the Church of St. Paraskevi, and the Cathedral of St. Demetrius

Baba Vida Fortress tour and free time in Vidin

Lunch in Vidin

Departure to Montana and visit to the Gradeshnitsa Monastery of Saint John of Rila

Day 6
Day 6 - Departure

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  • Craiova International Airport, Romania
  • Otopeni International Airport, Bucharest, Romania
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