Saint Tryphon

Saint Tryphon was born in the 3rd century in Asia Minor. He received good education from his parents, and he also became famous with his gift to heal. Through his prayers, the daughter of a Roman emperor was cured from an awful disease. They sent him from the palace with expensive gifts, but his heart did not need them and the youth gave them away to widows and orphans. The saint made a lot of miracles until he was sentenced to death by slaying with a sword and he received the crown of martyrdom.

Saint Tryphon is a patron of the vine-growers. Wine is an important part of the Christian ritualism and tradition. It has a central role in the divine service as well.  For the Bulgarians even since pagan times the vines have been part of the livelihood. In the morning on 1st February, after the church service, the festive ritual of trimming the vines is done. Several branches are cut, the sign of the cross is made on over the vineyard is and wine is poured in the roots so that it can give more fruit. After the ritual, people sit at the table and with the cut branches Tryphon’s wreaths are woven, which people bring home and put in front of the icon. 6

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