Cheesefare Sunday

Each year for 40 days the Christians prepare themselves to celebrate Pascha. Before the Great Lent starts, the Church has assigned a preparation by mutual forgiveness. Christ Himself teaches us to forgive each other, as He tells us that if we don’t forgive, God will not forgive us as well. In the churches is served a special service, at which the people forgive each other with the words „Forgive me! – I forgive you!”

In each Bulgarian home the whole family sits together at the table on Cheesefare Sunday. The food is without meat, with dairy products. An egg or halva is tied on a thread and the oldest family member moves it while the children are trying to bite it. It bodes health and prosperity for the winner. After the dinner the people set enormous fires at a central place – stacks of sheaves, and jump over them to chase away the evil forces.