Nativity of Christ (Christmas)

On 25th December the believers celebrate the nativity in flesh of the God-Man Jesus Christ. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the paradise, God promised to send them Messiah who whould take them back again. This happened in the town of Bethlehem, where in the King of Judea was born. Sheperds saw angels in the sky, who told them the joyful news. One incredibly bright star led wisemen from the east bringing expensive gifts.   

Christmas is one of the fullest with rituals celebrated winter holidays. Boys and young men go from house to house to sing Christmas carols, starting from the houses of the mayor, the priest and the teacher. They enter into each house, blessing the landlords with wishes for health, fertility, prosperity of the landlord and his family – the best wishes for the following New Year. The landlord invites the young men to sit at the table and treats them with wine and rakia, and then the lass gives them as a present a ring-shaped bun and fruits. ffff