Epiphany (Baptism of Christ in the Jordan)

On the day of the Baptism of Christ (Epiphany, Baptism of Christ in the Jordan), the priest heralds to the community the baptism of Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River and the epiphany of the Most Holy Trinity. In the following days the homes are sprinkled with holy water from the Epiphany, as the priest holds in his hand a cross and basil. In the bigger rivers a wooden cross is thrown, which is taken out by courageous boys who compete to catch it. 

Customs, beliefs and traditions

The unmarried girls try to steal small parts of the priest’s basil, which to put under their pillow at the night of the Epiphany in order to dream about their future beloved. Also, the lasses put on the door threshold the pearls they wear on their neck, so that the priest could step over them when he comes to sprinkle. Then they put them on their neck to get married soon.

Besides, on the eve of Epiphany the unmarried girls put basil on the fence and if it is white with frost in the morning, they are going to marry a rich man, and if it is without frost – they are going to marry a pauper. And in the end, all the girls don’t eat anything until the next day so that they can be lucky with a handsome and hard-working husband.

Sources: Ana Daria Ionescu-Haidău, Sânzienile