Cross-Border Religious Heritage

Hello and welcome to our trilingual website, which presents the Christian heritage, the Christian-Orthodox feasts and the related traditional traditions and customs, which are typical for some regions of the cross-border region between Bulgaria and Romania, which are covered by the project. This website will direct you to the opportunities for religious and pilgrimage tourism in these places. We present sample routes that are only meant to guide you when planning your holiday or worship in this region.

Century-old guardians of Christian faith, exquisite examples of Medieval and Revivalist church art and important centres of literature, spiritual education and culture, the monasteries and churches of the cross-border region between Romania and Bulgaria bear important witness to their countries’ turbulent pasts. Although few of them have kept their original appearance, they are known for their rich history and spiritual traditions. The act of worship here leaves unforgettable memories for every pilgrim in these lands. Visit Romania and Bulgaria to learn more about their reach Christian heritage and traditions.

Documentary film

The documentary film "Cross- Border Religious Heritage" presents some of the most significant holy sites of the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Romania.

Visit the “Tours” page of our website to watch the video dedicated to each of the suggested trips.

Feasts and Traditions


The Orthodox Church celebrates this holiday with a particular solemnity. This is the only day in the year when a …

Saint Tryphon

Saint Tryphon was born in the 3rd century in Asia Minor. He received good education from his parents, and he …

St. Lazarus’ Saturday

The day on which we celebrate the memory of St. Lazarus is in the week before the Resurrection of Christ. …

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